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In celebration of the NBA’s 75th Anniversary, OLG, in partnership with TIFF and the NBA, is supporting Canadian BIPOC filmmakers with the creation of a dedicated platform to produce and showcase films about the sport they love – basketball.


Born Identities

Born Identities chronicles the genesis of the logos of Canada’s two NBA franchises, the Toronto Raptors and Vancouver Grizzlies during the league's 1995 expansion north of the border. Born Identities is a passionate and energetic look into the creation of these brand designs and their legacy as fan sentiment has evolved over two decades.

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Inheritance examines how the love of basketball is passed from parents to children, for players and fans alike. Weaving the stories of real multi-generational NBA players with that of a father and son who become closer to each other — and their hometown Toronto Raptors — through a passion for the game.

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In Shorty, a father gives his daughter a history lesson of the greatest small NBA players in the history of the league to illustrate that height isn’t all you need. Starring a real-life father and daughter team, Shorty is a film that speaks to the dreamer in all of us.

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the shot

The Shot is a visceral return to the moment for those who saw the shot, and marker of history for those who didn’t. Stylized imagery, a gripping montage, and a hypnotic music score will merge with a personal monologue, a rhapsody to that indelible sports moment.

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draft day

The day of the NBA Draft sees the perseverance, hard work, and dreams of an athlete and their community on the verge of being realized. With sky-high stakes and equally heightened emotions, Draft Day is an intimate look at the potential of those life-altering days through the eyes of Canadian NBA hopefuls.

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